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Luxury Cat Scratcher |POPOCOLA

Luxury Cat Scratcher |POPOCOLA

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Discover the purr-fect blend of entertainment and spine support for your feline friend with our Luxury Cat Scratcher 🐾✨. Crafted for the modern pet-loving home, this scratcher doubles as a delightful play area and a vital home protector, ensuring your furniture breathes a sigh of relief.

📐 Ergonomic 105° Incline: Our L-shaped angled scratcher boasts a 105° sloping surface, intentionally designed to relieve any spinal pressure as your cat indulges in its natural scratching instinct. The 15° spinal-friendly incline ensures an experience your cat will love, sparing them the discomfort of a fully upright posture.

🎢 Diverse Play Options & Easy Installation: With a variety of entertainment choices, from feather teasers to bell balls, our scratcher stands as a multipurpose playground at a cat's whisker. Its smart assembly design allows for effortless setup, fitting snugly against walls and avoiding baseboards for absolute stability.

🌱 Eco-Friendly High-Density E1 Grade Board: The use of premium E1 grade high-density board material does not only extend the scratcher's longevity but also makes it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your pet, free of formaldehyde and harmful substances.

🏋️‍♂️ Durability and Dual-Sided Use: Our five-layer thickened corrugated paper is engineered to withstand enthusiastic scratching, offering a sturdy and long-lasting scratcher. Dual-sided for double the fun, it efficiently protects both your cat's paws and your home interiors.

🏡 Home Protection: As a barrier safeguarding your walls, sofas, and glass surfaces, the Luxury Cat Scratcher effectively shields the most cherished corners of your home from enthusiastic pawing.

💤 Convertible Design For Rest & Play: Not just a scratcher, but a versatile haven where your cat can choose to lounge lazily or engage in playful antics. With two placement options, adaptability is at the forefront, catering to your cat’s every mood.

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