Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
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popocola dog paw washer-002
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer
Automatic Dog Paw Washer

Automatic Dog Paw Washer

Automatic Dog Paw Washer

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🐾 Delightful Dog Paw Washer 🐶💦

Keep your furry friend's paws pristine without the mess or fuss! Introducing the Ultimate Dog Paw Washer - your solution to mud-free, happy paws. 🌈✨


🐾Sanitary & Efficient🐾

Say goodbye to muddy prints and hello to squeaky-clean paws! Our paw cleaner does the job in one go. A clean dog paw allows both the dog and the owner to enjoy playtime with peace of mind.

🌟Deep Cleaning Magic🌟

Ditch superficial wipes for a deep clean. Our Popocola dog paw washer features soft interior bristles that reach every nook and cranny. Unlike traditional washers, our spiral silicone bristles create a swirling water motion, ensuring thorough cleansing. Combined with a stronger motor and touchless operation, the Popocola washer offers a superior cleaning experience. With a larger reservoir and double the cleaning speed, it's five times more efficient than traditional methods, keeping your dog's paws pristine with minimal effort.

🌍Eco-Friendly & Economical🌍

Forget  flushable wipes. Our reusable paw washer is kind to the planet and your wallet. If you've always used wet wipes to clean your dog's paws in the past, it’s not only extremely wasteful but also very expensive. However, with our dog paw washer, you will significantly reduce your expenses. 

🛡️Durable & Sturdy🛡️

The bottom of our automatic dog paw washer is wide enough. Made to last without tipping, cracking, or chipping—even with the wiggliest of pups. Be larger and wider than traditional paw washers. While ensuring portability, it also has enough weight to prevent tipping over or spilling water everywhere.

🌸Ultra-Soft Bristles🌸

Its softness is excellent, even when a human hand is placed inside, it feels cloud-like and gentle, without causing any discomfort.  

🧼Next Generation Automatic dog paw washer🧼

POPOCOLA Automatic dog paw washer provides powerful washing on the go. We created the Automatic dog paw washer so you can wash your dog's paws anywhere in the world - from desert to stream. It's easy and convenient to use at home, outdoors, in the car, at the beach, on vacation or anywhere else you go with your dog during the day.

Why Our Dog Paw Washer?

  • 👍 Hassle-Free Cleaning: No need for a billion towels or a hose - clean paws in a jiffy!
  • 🐕‍🦺 Deeply Effective: Removes mud from paws and nails, not just the surface.
  • 🌿 Eco-Conscious Choice: Reduce waste with our reusable and easy-to-clean cup.
  • 🛋️ Keeps Your Home Clean: No more muddy footprints all over your floors and furniture.
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift: Ideal for pet parents concerned about cleanliness and convenience.


💖Let the fun days out not turn into messy hassles at home. 🛍️

🏡Step into a Cleaner, Happier Home with Your Pooch! ♥️

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The Original
Automatic Paw Washer

No Mess

Popocola Dog Paw Washer keeps water inside, so no mess on the floor.

Quick Clean

Just one click and dunk, and your pet’s paws are mud-free. No need for multiple washes.

Saves Money & Environment

Forget about using too many baby wipes or towels. This paw washer is eco-friendly and helps you save.
Extended Battery Life
Charge for just 3 hours and enjoy 12 days of convenient paw cleaning. USB charging makes it easy and eco-friendly.
Tough and Easy to Clean
Buckle Design. It’s strong, won’t easily tip over or break, and you can simply rinse it out after use.
Easy to Use
No complicated steps. Just put your pet's paw in, automatic twist, and it’s done. No manual twisting required.

Asked Questions

The L size is perfectly sized for large and extra-large sized dogs: Bulldog, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd,Golden Retriever, Labrador,Husky,Beagle, Border Collie,Boxer, Corgi, English Bulldog and Terriers.

The M size Dog Paw Washer is perfectly sized for smaller and toy dogs: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkie and Boston Terriers

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